Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm Back

Less than a month and you got another entry. Happy right? Of course you are.
So, Not too much going on here. Missions teams at church are starting to leave and I'm angry at my job for not letting me go. Anyway, ugh.
I was on my way to a church friend's house last night when I saw this little kid, about 2 or 3, squatting with some funny looking pants on. As I get closer, I realize his behind is hanging out!!! His dad was squatting next to him and that's when I realize that the little boy is taking a public...ON THE SIDEWALK!!!!!!!!!!!! And his dad is scooping the poop. Talk about filthy!! DISGUSTING!! And people just walking by like ain't a darn thing going on. HELLO!! Do you not see the little turds???!! I know Korea may be different, but how the H*l* is this culturally acceptable?? Potty training on the corner. UGH!!! And what makes it worse is they were in front of a Dunkin Donuts...THERE IS A BATHROOM INSIDE!. Junk like this makes me shake my head and wonder about the people I see.
Speaking of "dung" (the Korean word for doodles), I was lacking it the last couple of weeks. My pipes were so backed up it was ridiculous. Constant nausea and back aches, and they say kimchi cures everything??? I think that junk is what caused it. I'll definitely be kissing that crap goodbye!
On to a lighter topic. It has been raining elephants and hippos over here (cats and dogs is an understatement). I mean, a 10 min walk from my room to school, in my rain boats, with my over sized Hampton umbrella leave me soaked by the time I walk into the classroom. Then it takes me 7 hours to dry, only to venture back out into the monsoon (I'm so serious) to be drenched again. I don't know how much more of this I can take. Think of what my poor hair is going through. Its a mess. I look like who did it and ran! I'm just hoping the rain stops soon (not!! The worst of monsoon season is in the next couple of weeks).
I'm still keeping up with my ballet classes. I can actually touch the floor under my feet now without bending my knees!! I'm so flexible!! HAHA But I still need to work on my pirouettes though. They look a hot mess.
So I've passed day 300 here in Korea and I have 6 weeks and 4 days left of my Korean adventure!!! I'm trying to pack as many outings as I can so I can say I had a meaningful experience. Anyone have any ideas?
Intensives start in a couple of weeks. Korean public schools are out for the summer so that means morning classes for the academies!! Oh Goodie! I'll be working an extra 9 hours a week. Granted, the pay will be great, but they are seriously cutting into my sleepy time. 9:30 - 12:30. Don't they know that I don't get up until 10-12?? hopefully I won't be a cranky teacher. No more than usual anyway.
So a couple of weeks ago I went out evangelizing with my church. In the past, at my church in Philly, we never saw positive results and it was really dead. A lackluster experience. But when I went this time, I had a great experience. I was paired with the pastor's wife and we had fun. And every time we spoke to someone, this guy making balloons would give that person a balloon fruit that said "Jesus loves you!" It was great. And then we talked to this one girl who has been having a rough time here and I told her about my many breakdowns and temper tantrums and she really opened up to us and told us a lot of personal information. We invited her to church the next day and she came! I was so excited, that I was able to help someone in some way. Be an answer to their prayers in a way. And she was there this past Sunday. I hope the spirit continues to move inside her and she continues to come out.
I need to start packing and shipping things home since only 1/4 of my belongings will fit into my one suitcase. Every time I look at all my stuff, I get discouraged because it is soooo much. I dunno how I accumulating so much stuff in less than a year. I guess I better start soon cause it'll be August 30 and I'll still have a room full of stuff.
My departure date: August 31st!! I plan to be on a morning flight going straight to JFK, but I haven't bought my ticket yet. My school is supposed to do it so I have to go to headquarters the 1st week of August. Hopefully they won't give me any problems. I'll still have plenty of time to turn Korea out if they do.
Going home is bittersweet. If there was a way where I could combine my church and friends from church here, with my life in the states it would be perfect. I think going to church and Paris Baguette are the only 2 things I will miss. Haha. But really, there are other things, but those are the top two.
And I have FINALLY figured out what I want to do with my life. I'm nixing law school and turning to grad school for political science (seeing as though that was my undergrad major and all). I'm going to study international relations (focusing on Africa and Southeast Asia) and political theory. I'm hoping I get a fellowship that will pay for all of my schooling, living arrangements and travel. Also, my 2st summer of grad school, I would work with the state department and after I graduate I would spend a summer at an US Embassy anywhere in the world. Then I would work for the state department for 2-3 years. After that, I want to work with the UN doing relief missions and working with children in impoverished areas.
I'm happy I'm finally getting my life together. Now all I have to do is win the lottery and everything will be set!
I think that's about all for now, unless something huge happens.
Oh, and can someone please tell Kim Jong-Il to hop off!! Seriously! North Korea is at a 23, Imma need them to bring it down to a 3. No more than a 5. Like for real. Calm down, cause their little missiles are not cute, and excuse me for not wanting to spend my last days in a foreign country...GEESH.
Anywho, that's all, Maybe it will only be 3 weeks until my next entry!
Until Next time,


Anonymous said...

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E-Hop said...

Hi Bookie. I am very happy and proud for you. You have really turned your experience around for the better. And I never thought you would say leaving Korea would be bittersweet. But it just goes to show you that you werent over there by accident. I kept telling you that you had a purpose and a reason for being over there. You helping that girl with her rough times over there was probably not the only reason but certain a very big and important reason as to why you were there. I believe that God had everything under control from the get go and that everything has a reason. If you had not gone thru wat u went thru, all the crying and the lonely nights and the times when u thought u were pushed past your limits, you would not have been able to do what you did for that girl. And she would have never came to that church. It may seem little, but it definitely isnt.... that was your purpose for going over there. Along with getting your bills paid, the bigger picture was you learnign more about yourself, about God, growing closer to Him and you helping others grow too. And I am VERY proud of you.

Now that doesnt mean you shud stay there..... come home cuz I miss you LOL. I love you baby and I cant wait to see you in 6 weeks!!!


eMCee said...

So great to see you witnessing for Christ overseas! I am moving to S. Korea next month, and would love to find a church home where I can be active! Blessings and safe travels to you!

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