Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm Back

Less than a month and you got another entry. Happy right? Of course you are.
So, Not too much going on here. Missions teams at church are starting to leave and I'm angry at my job for not letting me go. Anyway, ugh.
I was on my way to a church friend's house last night when I saw this little kid, about 2 or 3, squatting with some funny looking pants on. As I get closer, I realize his behind is hanging out!!! His dad was squatting next to him and that's when I realize that the little boy is taking a public...ON THE SIDEWALK!!!!!!!!!!!! And his dad is scooping the poop. Talk about filthy!! DISGUSTING!! And people just walking by like ain't a darn thing going on. HELLO!! Do you not see the little turds???!! I know Korea may be different, but how the H*l* is this culturally acceptable?? Potty training on the corner. UGH!!! And what makes it worse is they were in front of a Dunkin Donuts...THERE IS A BATHROOM INSIDE!. Junk like this makes me shake my head and wonder about the people I see.
Speaking of "dung" (the Korean word for doodles), I was lacking it the last couple of weeks. My pipes were so backed up it was ridiculous. Constant nausea and back aches, and they say kimchi cures everything??? I think that junk is what caused it. I'll definitely be kissing that crap goodbye!
On to a lighter topic. It has been raining elephants and hippos over here (cats and dogs is an understatement). I mean, a 10 min walk from my room to school, in my rain boats, with my over sized Hampton umbrella leave me soaked by the time I walk into the classroom. Then it takes me 7 hours to dry, only to venture back out into the monsoon (I'm so serious) to be drenched again. I don't know how much more of this I can take. Think of what my poor hair is going through. Its a mess. I look like who did it and ran! I'm just hoping the rain stops soon (not!! The worst of monsoon season is in the next couple of weeks).
I'm still keeping up with my ballet classes. I can actually touch the floor under my feet now without bending my knees!! I'm so flexible!! HAHA But I still need to work on my pirouettes though. They look a hot mess.
So I've passed day 300 here in Korea and I have 6 weeks and 4 days left of my Korean adventure!!! I'm trying to pack as many outings as I can so I can say I had a meaningful experience. Anyone have any ideas?
Intensives start in a couple of weeks. Korean public schools are out for the summer so that means morning classes for the academies!! Oh Goodie! I'll be working an extra 9 hours a week. Granted, the pay will be great, but they are seriously cutting into my sleepy time. 9:30 - 12:30. Don't they know that I don't get up until 10-12?? hopefully I won't be a cranky teacher. No more than usual anyway.
So a couple of weeks ago I went out evangelizing with my church. In the past, at my church in Philly, we never saw positive results and it was really dead. A lackluster experience. But when I went this time, I had a great experience. I was paired with the pastor's wife and we had fun. And every time we spoke to someone, this guy making balloons would give that person a balloon fruit that said "Jesus loves you!" It was great. And then we talked to this one girl who has been having a rough time here and I told her about my many breakdowns and temper tantrums and she really opened up to us and told us a lot of personal information. We invited her to church the next day and she came! I was so excited, that I was able to help someone in some way. Be an answer to their prayers in a way. And she was there this past Sunday. I hope the spirit continues to move inside her and she continues to come out.
I need to start packing and shipping things home since only 1/4 of my belongings will fit into my one suitcase. Every time I look at all my stuff, I get discouraged because it is soooo much. I dunno how I accumulating so much stuff in less than a year. I guess I better start soon cause it'll be August 30 and I'll still have a room full of stuff.
My departure date: August 31st!! I plan to be on a morning flight going straight to JFK, but I haven't bought my ticket yet. My school is supposed to do it so I have to go to headquarters the 1st week of August. Hopefully they won't give me any problems. I'll still have plenty of time to turn Korea out if they do.
Going home is bittersweet. If there was a way where I could combine my church and friends from church here, with my life in the states it would be perfect. I think going to church and Paris Baguette are the only 2 things I will miss. Haha. But really, there are other things, but those are the top two.
And I have FINALLY figured out what I want to do with my life. I'm nixing law school and turning to grad school for political science (seeing as though that was my undergrad major and all). I'm going to study international relations (focusing on Africa and Southeast Asia) and political theory. I'm hoping I get a fellowship that will pay for all of my schooling, living arrangements and travel. Also, my 2st summer of grad school, I would work with the state department and after I graduate I would spend a summer at an US Embassy anywhere in the world. Then I would work for the state department for 2-3 years. After that, I want to work with the UN doing relief missions and working with children in impoverished areas.
I'm happy I'm finally getting my life together. Now all I have to do is win the lottery and everything will be set!
I think that's about all for now, unless something huge happens.
Oh, and can someone please tell Kim Jong-Il to hop off!! Seriously! North Korea is at a 23, Imma need them to bring it down to a 3. No more than a 5. Like for real. Calm down, cause their little missiles are not cute, and excuse me for not wanting to spend my last days in a foreign country...GEESH.
Anywho, that's all, Maybe it will only be 3 weeks until my next entry!
Until Next time,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Guess Who's Back!!!

No, It's not Elvis...It's me. I actually didn't go anywhere I just haven't blogged in forever. I'm sorry, I did go somewhere...So much to catch you up on and in so little time. Since many of you have been complaining about my lack of entries (you act like you don't know what's going on you fiends), I will try to fill you in on as much as possible. But since I really don't wanna type that much, a lot may be left out so if it is, and you know abt it, let me know and I'll put it in a later entry (which will become much more frequent again=)
So first, my mother is no longer aloud to leave the country unless we are going to the Carribbean...or Europe. If it's not either of those two, she won't venturing beyond the 50 states.
I remember telling you about going to the Science Museum but finally, here are some pictures.

I went to the Cherry Blossm Festival. I'm gonna have to steal pics from someone because I lost my memory card.
I don't remember anything else exciting happening in April, but if I remember, I'll let you know. But here are some pictures of my students from my Tera class.

*Girls working on a project* *Gracie and the boys* *Boys working on a project*

*Girls still working*

I went on a church retreat north of Seoul (close to North Korea actually. I should have paid a visit to Kim Jong Il and shoved one of his own missles up his "you knw where," but I didn't think that would be proper behavior on a church retreat) May 1-3 to Holy Mountain Jesus Town...yes, that is the name. Don't know who gave it that name, but it leave me reaching out for my inhaler (which isn't even in the country) evertime I say it. There was so much going on, I only managed to take a few pictures...

*New Philadelphia Church* *The Retreat Center* *The Building*

*Jee and Me* *Me, Lisa and Brother Michael*

I celebrated my birthday on Children's Day (Cinco de Mayo!!), and my brother celebrated his the day before. Although I had to work (which I was late for), my birthday had a great start. I went to a Temple and then to lunch with some friends from church.
*Me...a new 23* *Nara, Min Suk, Mina, Erin* *Me and Erin*

Top*Min Suk, Jessie, Megan (My dicipler), Brother Michael* Bottom*Nara, Erin, Me, Mina*

I also got a call from home on my BDay. There was an emergency so I left for the states that Friday the 8th and I came back to Korea on the 19th. While I was gone, a lot had changed. My school had changed from a franchise to a branch meaning the owners and my contract changed. I got the short end of the stick on my contract, but I still have a job. However, they tried to short me my pay check...Now, they thought swine flu was a problem, clearly that have not seen Diary of a Mad Black Woman. But I think someone recently showed them a clip, because I received a phone call this morning informing me that everthing would be cleared up and they were even going to pay me extra for the inconveience. I guess they didn't want me to go Madea on them. No Sir. But anway, I'm thankful.
Also, this swine flu thing is crazy. In the airport in Tokyo, coming and going, everyone was walking around with masks on and we weren't allowed to gett off of the plane until eveyone's body had been scanned with this thermal machine...CRAZY!! But the crazier (I know its not a word) part is 200 people get Swine Flu, everyone wants to wear a mask. Millions of people have AIDS and still won't "wrap it up" I mean, I'm just sayin... Anyone agree??
Also, when I came back, my school wanted me to go to the hospital to be checked for swine flu, but the day before, it was found out that someone who was training to become a teacher had it and the whole school, nation wide, had to do a self qurantine, all the foreign teachers anyway. So for 9 days, I was in my tiny little room, or that's what I'll let my school believe anyway >) Finally we were free and the Summer Term (My Last Term!!) started.
Since the term started a little over a week late, that means it is going to end late, August 30. My Visa expires September 2, so that means...I'LL BE HOME 2 WEEKS EARLY!!!!!
I'm very excited, but that also means I'm going to have to say goodbye to a lot of friends that I have made since being here.
My church is going on missions trips to Cambodia, Myanmar, and Australia next month. I was entending on going to Cambodia, but since my school likes to be difficult, there is a new rule that if you leave the country, you have to do a mandatory qurantine when you return, which is unpaid. They're really over the top with this swine flu thing. If I was to go, I wouldn't return to school until 2 weeks before I would leave and in that event, they told me if I went, I don't need to come back because it makes no sense working for 2 weeks and then leaving. Plus they would consider that as me breaking my contract. So, I'm not going to Cambodia =( I guess it's just not my time to go out to the masses.
This past weekend, my church had a soccer game against the kids of an orpanage a member works at. We had a lot of fun and the kids are really good players. They won the Orphange Championship (aganist other orphanages in Seoul). But New Philadelphia ended up winning 3-0. (and my jersey comes nect week!)Afterwards, we took the kids out to dinner.

*The Kids Warming Up*Our Team Trying 2 Look the Part*Pastor Christian Attempting 2 Get His Head Over The Bar*

*Group Prayer B4 The Game*Exhausted Members Look On From The Seesaw As New Philly Wins*

After dinner, because we were in my neighborhood, I decided to walk home. However, someone (he will remain nameless) pointed me in the wrong direction and I ended up lost and having to pee really bad >( So I started walking in the direction a sign was pointing to showin the nearest subway station. All stations have decent bathrooms and I can find my way home from any subway line. but with every step I took, the urge to go got stronger and stronger >( ::I think I can, I think I can, I think I can:: Finally I just couldn't go any farther. Thankfully, it was well past 10:30 so it was pretty dark, so I popped a squat behind a car and just let the juice flow (haha). Afterwards, I tried to get in a cab to go home but apparently, I was very close to where I needed to go and the driver refused to go that short of a distance. So I began walking in the direction he pointed in and found myself even more lost. I was on the verge of tears when I found a cab who was willing to take me the short distance. He was very pleasant and spoke pretty good English. By the time I got out the cab, the meter still hadn't moved (I was that close). Oh wellz. I made it home and had a mini adventure.
Kory also graduated from Hampton...Welcome to the Real World!

*Hampton 2008* *Hampton 2009*

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Still Alive

So in my last entry I told you that this was becoming a habit...sporadic entries. That's how I do it now. LOL!
I don't remember what I told you about since my last entry, and since I don't feel like toggling back and forth between web pages, you might get some repeated stuff...but I think you'll live. Here goes (and forgive me. Some things may be out of order)
I've been attending church for the past four weeks now and what a blessing that has been. I believe attending service had made be in a better mood. Although I'm still not a fan ok Korea (it's really being so far from my family that I'm not a fan of), it's become a lot easier to deal with. I attend Jeil Sungdo English Ministry (which is getting its name changed to "New Philadelphia"... go figure!!) And the pastor is from Philly and his wife is from New York...sound familiar?? The atmosphere is very warm and friendly and I have a "Discipler" bka mentor and I'm in a Bible study where we are studying Song of Solomon. I am truly enjoying it.
My ballet classes are going very well. I'm even learning a little Korean too! There use to be a time when I dreaded Tuesdays and Thursdays, but now, those are my 2 best days of the week (not counting Sunday). I definitely need to practice my turn out though. Instead of a turnout it looks more like a "what the...??" But hopefully in the next couple of months I'll be on my pointe game (yea...I'll keep dreaming) and be extremely flexible (that in is actually achievable). The class is really small. Me, my co-worker, and 2 Korean girls. One of them is new. She just started on Thursday and she already gets on my nerves. I started out feeling bad for her because when we were practicing our turns, she fell and went flying across the floor...just picture it, a Korean in pink tights sliding across the floor on her side! ROTFLMAO!!!! Anywho, today, we were doing barre work and I was on one barre in the front and the other girl was on the other in the front (both on the right sides of the barres). Well this noodle head comes and gets on the left front side of the other bar so every time my arm is in 4th position, its knocking into hers or when my feet are in 2nd position, our toes are rubbing. I didn't say anything, just moved back, but she proceeded to do it every time we were doing something different. I had to shoo her away multiple times...GEESH!
Didn't mean to get all into that. I'm looking on the bright side of things least I didn't kick her :) (:
Christina and I went to the National Science Museum a couple of weeks ago. It was really cool. And you know those headsets they have for foreigners at Disney world for people who don't speak English...they had those for people who don't speak Korean. I felt so privileged. Don't ask why...I'm just weird like that. It was pretty interesting though even though I hate science.
I don't know if I told you, but my classroom has been changed and I'm no longer in the green room. I'm in a plain colored room with no internet after 4pm...AHHHHH!!!! They thought they could separate me form my internet...well they were successful, but little do they know, in my new room, the computer has google earth so I'm all over the world without even leaving my desk...HAHA!
My classes have been going pretty well. I have a new punishment that has been working like a charm if my kids speak Korean. They get 2 "yellow cards" (what they call warnings) and when i have to tell them a third time, I make them take their book and a pen and stand in the middle of the room with their knees bent all the while doing their work...for an hour (or that's how long I tell them. the longest I've made someone do it is 25 minutes). Lemme tell you, I'm hearing less and less Korean everyday. That's right, I'm hazing my children. But you know, my kids still volunteer to read and answer questions while doing their "time." I have some pretty good kids this term.
For my Tera class, our 1st book was "Spies of the Civil War." So I explained to them how I would have been a slave if I lived in the South during this time...they better not be getting any ideas...LOL. And I tell them how I live in the North but went to university in the South and tell them about the differences. They really seem interested and we've had some pretty good discussions. Yea, I'm enjoying this term.
And did I tell you have Wednesday's off. Yea!!! I never thought I would see the day but it has come. Now, I do work 5 1/2 hours on Saturdays (2-6:30), but I don't care cause I have Wednesdays off!! And I teach 3 1 1/2 classes on Wednesday's so the time flies by. Yea, I'm happy (: :)
So I gave up fried foods for Lent and lemme tell you, I have surely been tempted multiple times, but I'm being strong, but lemme tell you, Easter Sunday, I'm going wherever I can get the biggest plate of fries.
I was able to put on a pair of jeans last week without unbuttoning them! I was ecstatic! And my mom has bought me a lot of cute things over the past month, so this summer, I wanna be looking cute. It's a shame I can't get my hair highlighted. That would just make my summer look complete. My hair is just about one color now (I get it highlighted once a year), and although my natural highlights come out in the summer, I don't think its gonna be all that noticeable.
That's about all for now. If I remember anything, maybe I'll post it before the end of the month. LOL.
Until Next Time
and Happy St. Patrick's Day!! yea, I'm IRISH

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Think It's Become A Habit...

You can breathe a sigh of relief...I haven't been kidnapped or suddenly up and headed for the airport (not yet anyway. lol), I just haven't been in the mood to write. My last couple of entries were not exactly what you're use to I'm sure. You've been accustomed to getting a little chuckle here and there while reading. Maybe today I'll be in the comedic mood.
So, Happy Belated Valentine's Day (Yea, 1 week and 4 days ago)! How was your day? My started out with school, but I did dress in red (actually, I always dress in red. It seems to be the only color in my wardrobe). After school, I went to Itaewon to get Kory's present and of coarse it wasn't ready...Geesh. They guy told me to go back the following week. Didn't have much of a choice, so I had to comply. Afterwards, Christina and I headed to Bungdang to visit Kara. We were celebrating Mardi Gras early and was having a "southern" meal. We had cornbread, hop'n johns, cole slaw, chicken and three pies. Pecan, Berry, and Coconut cream. And we had some sweet tea to wash it all down with. Dinner was great and then we went out for drinks. Overall it was a good day and I'm glad I didn't have to spend it alone.
Sunday, we went to the COEX for lunch and a movie. We had lunch at "On The Border" and had some Margaritas. After lunch, we saw "He's Just Not That Into You" and I must say, after I woke up (I missed about 20 mins of the movie. lol) I enjoyed it. It really made you think long and hard about a past relationship, the relationship you're in, or a perspective relationship.
That movie justified me calling a lot of girls "hoochies." This is how I see it, if I don't know your intentions and you seem to always be around my guy, you're a "Hoochie." However, if you're in a relationship or respect the relationship that my boyfriend and I have, you're a friend. Now, I'm not saying that all girls in relationships don't try to go after already taken men, I do still watch out for them, but I can ease up a little as opposed to those no good, gold digging, fast behind girls out there who just want a man...any man...YOUR MAN... getting a little off topic. LOL. I'll bring it back. Back to Korea.
So the iBT level Up test was a couple weeks ago and I am proud to say that 90% of my students leveled up!! Maybe I'm not so bad of a teacher after all, but that still doesn't mean I will pursue a career in teaching when I return to the states.
Speaking of returning to the states, I finally have a game plan and will start the ball rolling within the next month or two. When I get back home in October, I am going to enroll in a Paralegal certificate program and hopefully get a job at a law firm. This will help me ensure that this is the environment that I want to be in for the rest of my life. After a year of working, if I enjoyed the setting and could handle the tasks that I was assigned, I will go for law school. If the job turns out to be far from what I want to do, I will go to grad school for journalism or psychology. After months and months of pondering, I finally have a plan. That was one of my main goals while I was here and I'm happy to announce that the task is complete (thanks Kory and Chris! They helped me come to this decision).
Last week, I had a meeting because the curriculum for Memory classes and up at CDI has changed and I had to be trained all over again...UGH! Thankfully, the proposed 3 hour meeting was only 45 minutes and I actually like the new books and what not. What I like most is during the third hour of class, there is a 35 minute project that the kids are involved in. I put them in groups and they have to complete the project (it's about whatever lesson we learned in class. For instance, the first class will be discussing the beginning of the American Civil War and for their project they have to come up with their own war and details. That's for the Tera class).
This past Saturday I went a picked up Kory's jersey. I can't tell you who's jersey it is, only that its a football jersey. They didn't have the one I wanted so I got it made. Once he receives it on Saturday, I'll tell you whose it is. I hope he likes it. I thought it was kinda original, but we'll see.
This past Sunday I went to church with some co-workers and enjoyed it. I even signed up for Bible study after church. Hopefully I'll be able to stick it out, bout I'll keep you up to date about my progress.
Today is the beginning of Lent and I have decided to give up fried foods and exercise more. If you know me well, you know that french fries are my life so this is a big test of my strength and endurance, but if Jesus could die for me, the least I can do is give up some things I love for 40 days. I'm also going to try to exercise more. So not only will this be a test of faith I guess you could say, but I might even shed a couple pounds as well. I'm also enrolling in a ballet class tomorrow!! I'm really excited! I'm going to do it with my co-worker so we'll be able to motivate each other. I love ballet and since the opportunity has presented itself, I'm going to take advantage of it.
Also for Lent, Kory and I are doing the 40 day prayer challenge. The 40 day prayer challenge is when you and your significant other pray together everyday for 5 mins for 40 days. In the prayer you ask God to reshape your lives by replacing old unwanted habits with new ones. You're also supposed to set aside a "date time" once a week to spend time with each other ( we can't really do that part though :/). Studies show that couples who pray together will enjoy a 20-30% increase in conversation, respect, and romance while arguments diminish and the fear of divorce evaporates (seeing as though we're not married we don't really have to worry about that one).
~Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer. (Romans 12:12)
~And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. (Matthew 21:22)
These Bible verses are what will keep me going during this season of fasting and prayer. Hopefully, you will keep them in mind too :)
This week started the Spring term at CDI. My schedule for this term is Mon&Fri- Tera and EC3, Tues&Thurs- EC3 and Tera, Wed&Sat- Some Extensive reading class that I've never heard of... But since my school is not well organized or prepared, the schedule has yet been made for the extensive reading class so I have today and Saturday off...YAY!!!
This morning I woke at 12, went for a walk in the park, did a little food shopping, prepped my lessons for the rest of the week, and now I'm writing in my blog! Unfortunately this will all come to an end and I will be back to teaching next Wednesday, but hopefully, it won't be too bad. This class is 1 hour 1/2 long and I'll be teaching 2 of them so maybe the shorter class time will make the hours pass by swiftly.
I also have some news. Something I'm working on, but I can't let you know until September...and I'm so serious. If you're family or close friends, you already know what it is so Mommie, don't go blowing up my phone trying to find out. LOL.
Nothing much more to report about. Sorry this entry is as comical as I wanted it to be, but maybe next time...whenever that is LOL :)
Until Next Time!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Korea's Traditions and A Little Sight Seeing

So, I am capable of blogging within a week! You didn't have to wait 2 weeks from now to hear about my goings-on (although there isn't much).
Yesterday, I went to get Kory's gift for Valentine's Day but I can't pick it up until next Saturday (the day itself), so that means his present will be over a week late :( I'm such a bad girlfriend,, but I think he will really like what I'm getting him, at least I hope so.
I also went a bought a hair dryer. I actually found one kinda similar to what I used at home. I finally decided to buy one because I'm tired of having to re-do my hair after I leave the "salon."
It took me 4 hours from start to finish (yea, I dunno why it takes me so long), but I finished and my hairs looks good. It's not over greased, poofy, or weird in anyway. It's just the way I like it and I'm happy. I figured I'll only get my hair done when I need a perm.
So today was the wedding and I caught the bus to meet Kara. While on the jam packed bus, a lady whips out her boob and begins feeding her child...WOAH!!!Can you put that thing away!!?? I felt like I was in the horrifying spa again! Ok, I understand the child has to eat, but its called a BREAST PUMP! Get one, and later, when you're in a situation like that, you just whip out a bottle, not your boob GEEZ! And if I can't get a pump, I will get a cab or have someone take me where I need to go so I can have some privacy. Women all over the world are going way overboard with this thing. You know, I would have minded a blanket over herself. Just something...

these are the pictures from the wedding Kara and I went to today. Yo-hao (my former co-worker bka Raye) and her new husband Yang-chung were married at the Korean War Memorial Wedding Hall. It seems as though no one gets married in a church. Wedding halls are EVERYWHERE. Raye looked very pretty in her shimmering dress and her husband looked like a Korean "prince charming."
The entire ceremony was in Korean (except for the song at the end) so Kara and I had no idea what was going on except when we heard "kamsa hamnida" which means "thank you."
Korean weddings are a bit different from western ceremonies. First to enter are the mothers down the runway (yes, a runway) who lite the candles on the alter. Next is the groom down the runway (who walked down to "pomp-um-circumstance" (sp). Finally is the bride and her father. There are no bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl or ring bearer. Since its only about the bride and groom what's the need for extra people...
Throughout the ceremony, the bride and groom stand next to each other, not holding hands (I guess that's saved for the bedroom), while a man speaks. No vows or rings are exchanged, and the couple don't even speak to each other. Then they turn around and everyone claps. Next they go to the bride's parents and bow and then to the groom's parents and do the same. Ceremony time: 24 minutes. Although very short, the wedding was very pretty and the flowers were gorgeous. Raye looked happy and I hope she will be in her new life (although we miss her terribly at school).
Also, during the ceremony, its ok to talk. for the whole 24 minutes, there was nothing but constant chatter. Lemme just say, I will turn around and let people know to "shut up" on my day (if I even get married. Not trying to jinx anything).
After the wedding, I gave the cards I had to the bride's info desk and received 2 coupons to eat during the reception. Yea, bring some cash and, you get to eat. Maybe I should incorporate this tradition at my wedding (again, if I have one). It would definitely knock out the freeloaders. We didn't go to the reception because we were meeting Christina in Itaewon.
On our way to Itaewon, we stopped and took pictures at the War Memorial.

In Itaewon, we went to and Italian place for a late lunch/early dinner and then to a bookstore. I picked up a Korean phrasebook. I figured it's time that I stop pointing to things and actually learn the language. I can already read so why not step it up a notch?
Afterwards, I came home and prepped my lessons and now I'm talking to you.
So today is my Granma's Birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!!! I won't tell you how old she is cause she might kill me. I love my Grandma. She's my 2nd Mommie. "Mother, the Sequel" I guess you could say. LOL. But really, I'm truely blessed to have her <3

*Me and Grandma Mimi when I was 3 and she was... :)*

I forgot, the thing I couldn't tell you about last week was that I'm going "suit casing" (my version of backpacking) around southeast Asia after my contract is up in September!! I'm really excited!! So far, we plan to go to Vietnam, the Philippines, Fiji and Bali. We haven't decided on our 5th place yet. So of course, this will push my arrival date in the U.S. back 4 weeks, but when will I ever get this opportunity again??
That's all for now
Until Next Time

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another Day in Korea...My 5 Month Mark That Is!!

So not much going on over here on the other side of the waters. But tomorrow will be my 5th month in Korea!! I figured if I waited to post an entry until the actual day it would never get done. Like I wanted to blog about my 555th hour of teaching, but I forgot. That's right, total I have taught over 555 hours (5 is my lucky number so that's why I like it)! But I can't believe time has gone by so fast. I remember when I was saying 1 week, 51 more to go. LOL
I'm about to go postal on my school. Yea, they annoy me to no end and the new teacher thinks so too, so I'm not the crazy one.
One of my students threw a temper tantrum (yes, in Korea) yesterday because I made her sit next to a boy because she wouldn't stop talking. I told her if she ever slammed anything in my classroom again, she would never walk through that door again. Then she cried and I told her I didn't care. Am I a bad teacher? I just don't think I should have to deal with temper tantrums...GROW UP! and she's 13...
I went to look for Kory's Valentine's Day gift today and the shop I was going to was 1pm. So I'll try again on Saturday after work. I'm not gonna say what I'm getting him because he occasionally checks for my updates and I don't wanna spill the beans, but as soon as he knows, you will too!
I've been working since last Wednesday...straight, and I'm exhausted, I think I'm gonna go prematurely gray. Lots of hair dye will definitely be in my immediate future. Or maybe I'll get a "henna rinse" like Lucy. What do you think?? LOL
It's time for student evaluations again and I'm actually ahead of the game. They're do next Tuesday (I got the e-mail today...Thanx for the proper notice...) and I already have my 2 biggest classes done. I'm pretty proud of myself.
I'm going to a Korean wedding on Sunday. One of the desk teachers that I really liked quit a couple of months ago to prepare for her wedding and it's finally here! I got my invitation a couple weeks ago and I think Kara and Christina are gonna come with me. Don't worry, I'm gonna take lots of pictures (as long as its culturally acceptable). I'm still up in the air about what I'm gonna wear...slacks or a skirt. If I wear a skirt, it would look best in my pumps which of course are under my bed in New Jersey! LOL I didn't think I would need them in Korea. But does anyone have any suggestions? (I had to explain the word "suggestion" to one of my lower level kids. She told me she understood, but I don't know.)
I can't believe my second term is already almost over and next comes Spring term! and my birthday and Mommie and KJ's visit and Kory's graduation. It'll be a busy next couple of months but I'm looking forward to it.
Speaking of Kory, we've been having some pretty deep conversations and that's one of the reasons why I love him, we talk about almost EVERYTHING. Well, I guess that is what you look for when trying to find a soul mate, I think I may have found mine <3
Really not much else to talk about but if I think of something I will let you know.
Until Next Time!
Oh, wait I do have another surprise, its great actually but I don't want Kory to know until August. Maybe I'll make up another "secret" blog that he won't know about and tell you, but I guess its not a secret if he's reading now...HI KORY!!
...I'll try to tell you in code ;)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Long Time No Talk...A True UNDERSTATEMENT!

So, as always. I truly apologize for the lack of entries going on here. But you try working 12 days straight without a day off and tell me if you feel like doing anything but sleeping.
Anywho, this past weekend was Lunar New Year so I had a 4...repeat FOUR DAY WEEKEND! I never thought I would see 2 let alone 4 days off. I was ecstatic. I was told that NEVER, in the history of my branch has there been such a long break (sad huh, but of coarse we are making the days up. geesh). I'm so proud to make history! I actually didn't know I had Saturday off until I looked at my class schedule and saw that my three students had Notified Absences. When I went to the Korean teacher who oversees that class and asked her if I was off or were there going to be temporary students, she looked at me like "DUH" and said class was cancelled. I wanted to smack her silly. If I didn't ask, she wouldn't have said anything. I really don't like her...
Since I had such an extended holiday, I didn't know what to do with myself. Kara had suggested making a trip to Busan (aka Pusan. A beach area abt 3hrs away from Seoul), but after finding out that just about all of the rooms were taken, we had to change our plans. I had decided to stay in Saturday and Tuesday to catch up on some much needed sleep and hang out on Sunday and Monday. Did those plans follow through? NO...Do they ever. Although there was a change in plans, I had a great weekend. It went a little something like this...
Saturday, I woke up at 2pm and said "Ha HA CDI!" That's right. Instead of beginning my lesson, I was still in the bed...that felt GOOD. I rolled around and watched some "I Love Lucy" until 4 then got ready to meet Kara at Yongsan. We met at 6 and did lots of window shopping. I saw this purse that was SOOOO cute, but I didn't get it :( After lots of window shopping, we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant in the mall. It was ok. No where as good as the one I usually go to but good nonetheless.
Sunday was rich girl day. That's right. It started out at Dr Fish where we had lattes and let the fish eat our feet skin...again. I did a little better this time. I actually put my whole foot in there (for 5 seconds. literally). Afterwards, we went to a spa that Christina had found close to Gangnam and made appointments for later in the day. We then went to another cafe and had smoothies and a sandwich. By the time we were finished, it was time for our massages.
Now, this spa was not all about legs, breasts and thighs (THANK GOD!!) The place was full, but you would never know it. you're always in a private room and they move guests around at different times, so it always felt as though we were the only ones there.
Our first stop was the relaxation room. They have those beds that mold to your body and if you jump on it, the glass of wine on the other side won't tip over. We also had a beautiful view of the street below. After the relaxation room, we were escorted to the changing room where we had to put on these little 2 piece bathing suit things for our "hydrotherapy." It was really just a jacuzzi, but it felt so good because none of us have bathtubs so the soak was great. After that, we changed and was taken back to the relaxation room where we had tea and granola squares. Next was out massage. Now, in the whole place, we never saw a man, so we all figured we would have female ma-sue-ses (I don't know how to spell so I figured I'd give it to you phonetically (but I can spell that!)) The massages started and it felt really good. We were all in the same room and we all had chosen the "Hangover's massage. That consisted of hydrotherapy, a deep tissue massage, foot reflexology, and aroma therapy.
Let me tell you, they are not lying when they say DEEP. I was cracking and getting muscles massaged that I didn't even know I had. When it was time for me to turn over, a woman helped me into my shirt and I saw women working on Kara and Christina. So I'm laying on my back with stuff over my eyes so I still couldn't see when I heard a male voice. I couldn't figure out where it came from. Although the person who was working on me breathed like a man, the hands were soft as a woman's and I saw her...NOT! I went to take a peek and there HE was! I suddenly felt weird cause I remembered he had straddled me a couple of times when he was working on my back. I just tried to continue to relax and he did a darn good job. Although I was a little sore the day after, I was thankful for those magic hands that loosened me up (STOP THINKING NASTY!! I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!). Our massages were so great, we decided to make our massages a monthly thing. Right after payday. I've also decided to take Mommie and Grandma there when they come and treat them to an early Mother's Day present. And what did my massage cost me?? 130,000 won. Not too bad. thats about $100 USD, and I got a lot more than what I got a Red Door Spa.
After our massages, we went to dinner and then called it a night.
Monday, we went to Korea house and a traditional Korean village. We then went to Myeongdong and went shopping. I picked up some things from Forever 21. I had also been craving pizza the past couple of weeks so we got ourselves some which tasted pretty good. After shopping, we went for tea and then went home.
Tuesday, Christina met at Yongsan station cause I wanted to get the purse I had saw on Saturday with Kara and I did! Its so cute. I love it. After, we went for lattes and stopped by Andrea's. We made pasta and chatted for a while and finally Christina and I decided to call it a night and headed home. I came home with every intention on blogging but got caught up staring at my new baby. Its beautiful. I'll have to take a pic and post it.
That's all I can think of for now. I'll try to be a better blogger.
I forgot, did you see mt school at the inaugural parade? If not here it is.
Ok I can't find it. I'm about to go out and I'll look for it when I get back
Hope you enjoy!!
Until Next Time!

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